HYBRID Multi-Tasking

What is HYBRID Multi-Tasking?


Mazak Multi-Tasking machines mill, turn, drill, tap, bore and hob with high accuracy and high quality, all in a single clamping. They cut setup time significantly because they perform most or all of a part’s machining in one cycle, reduce inaccuracies that can occur when parts move across multiple workstations and eliminate work-in-process inventory among standalone machine tools.

With HYBRID Multi-Tasking, Mazak takes these advantages even further. Mazak HYBRID Multi-Tasking machines incorporate technologies for additive manufacturing or joining as well as DONE IN ONE® gear manufacturing through Mazak’s SMOOTH Gear Cutting Solutions. Additive technologies include laser and multi-laser metal deposition, along with wire arc AM, while joining techniques include Friction Stir Welding (FSW).



ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING (AM) offers fast, innovative ways to build parts in addition to subtractive processes. It includes multi-laser metal deposition and laser metal deposition.

Multi-Laser Metal Deposition

Create complex workpieces that require the use of multiple metals with this multi-laser additive process on a machine that also produces subtractive part features. For micro-additive manufacturing of finely modeled part features and to clad thin, heat-affected base material, this technology uses multiple laser beams arrayed around a nozzle to melt metal powder supplied through the center of the nozzle.

Laser Metal Deposition

Reduce scrap and speed the creation of accurate part features with laser power in a streamlined workflow, all on a machine that can finish and semi-finish additive production. To produce high-strength joints among different types of metals, this high-speed additive manufacturing process uses a high-powered laser to melt both base material and metal powder.

Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

Friction Stir Welding (FSW)

This joining technique combines frictional heat with forging pressure to create full-penetration, defect-free welded joints with greater strength than those produced through conventional methods, all on a machine that also provides conventional subtractive machining capabilities. In a solid-state process, the FSW non-consumable tool joins two metal plates without melting the material. Commonly considered a forging process, FSW is well suited to join alloys with low melting points, including aluminum, copper and brass.

With the recent acquisition of Mazak MegaStir, Mazak continues to expand and build upon its HYBRID Multi-Tasking Machine Technology. The new Mazak MegaStir will provide further system advancements and evolve into an FSW technology center. Learn more about Mazak MegaStir.

Hot Wire Deposition (HWD)

Hot Wire Deposition (HWD)

This high-speed additive solution offers programmable welding automation through wire arc AM. As in conventional welding, the arc torch of the 5-axis HOT WIRE head melts metal wire directly on base material to build part features or weld on any surface of a workpiece.

Auto Gear (AG)

Auto Gear (AG)

Bring gear production in house and capture more profitability than with subcontracted operations, all on one machine that also produces the gear's conventional features. This HYBRID Multi-Tasking platform combines DONE IN ONE® hardware capabilities with specialized user-friendly software to synchronize milling and main spindles for successful gear production and provide high-resolution rotary scale feedback. Easy-to-program Mazak SMOOTH GEAR software accepts conversational input of project parameters on a SmoothX CNC, making it easy for virtually any operator to machine parallel-axis O.D. and I.D. gear and spline types, hob O.D. spur and helical gears, and – with optional features – measure and deburr gears on a single machine.


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