Benefits to You

Our advanced technology network, which consists of eight Technology Centres and five Technical Centres spread out across North America, enables us to successfully help you increase your productivity, efficiency and equipment utilization.

Advanced Machine Technology

Through our Technology and Technical Centres, you have easy access to the latest, most advanced manufacturing systems for optimizing your part-production processes.

  • 5 Levels of Multi-Tasking machines for every level of part machining capability
  • Milling and turning centres, as well as 5-axis machines, for high-precision machining
  • Powerful systems for hard-metal machining
  • The latest in user-friendly CNC controls and full lights-out automation systems

Comprehensive Technical Service and Support

Through our Technology and Technical Centres, you gain full access to industry expertise and application engineering resources to increase your throughput, shorten production lead times and boost profitability.

  • Application engineers who can optimize your part-processing operations
  • Experience full turnkey manufacturing solutions
  • Have your toughest parts test cut on the latest machining systems
  • Gain equipment, software and accessories support for total manufacturing solutions
  • Expert field service personnel who ensure prompt attention to your machine needs
  • On-site hands-on training courses to get the most out of your machine tool investment
  • Seminars and events for collaborating with industry experts