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October 2021

Mazak Launches New Swiss-Style Machine Series at DISCOVER 2021

Mazak further expanded its machine tool technology portfolio with the debut of an all-new line of SYNCREX Swiss-style machines at the company’s DISCOVER 2021 event. With Mazak’s well-known performance and quality, the extremely precise SYNCREX models feature seven, eight and nine-axis configurations and are optimized for high-production of small parts.

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Mazak’s New MPower On-Demand Learning System Makes Training More Accessible to Manufacturers

As one of the key components within Mazak’s MPower customer support program, the company’s new online MPower On-Demand Learning (MODL) system further enhances training and makes essential courses easily accessible to today’s busy shops. MPower On-Demand Learning allows users to custom-tailor training programs, select subject matter from over 100 multi-level courses and schedule classes for times that suit their schedules, especially when in-person instruction becomes impossible or inconvenient. The system makes courses accessible on demand to shops anytime, anywhere.

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September 2021

Technology Takes Center Stage at Mazak’s DISCOVER 2021

Mazak’s DISCOVER 2021 technology and education event takes place October 25-29 and promises all-new machines and technological firsts from Mazak. Among those is the debut of a new Swiss-type machine series that further expands Mazak's high-volume, small-part processing options for today’s manufacturers.

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August 2021

7 Reasons to Make DISCOVER 2021 Your Must-See Event This Year

You're on the lookout for every advantage that can propel your shop past your competition. At Mazak, we offer a long list of great solutions to help you do just that – and we're going to share that list with you as we Move Manufacturing Forward at DISCOVER 2021, October 25-29 at our North American Headquarters Campus in Florence, Kentucky.

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Why Should You Care About MPower

Mazak’s MPower is the industry’s most comprehensive customer service and support program. That's the obvious reason it matters to every Mazak customer. But to truly understand MPower's value requires delving into all that the program offers.

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Mazak’s New MPower Support Program Puts Customers in Control

With the launch of its new MPower customer support program, Mazak takes complete customer care to the next level, giving manufacturers the tools they need to achieve their business goals and ensure continued success.

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Mazak Canada Makes Parts Ordering and Service Scheduling Faster and Easier

With an ongoing commitment to provide the industry’s most comprehensive and responsive service and support, Mazak Canada has assumed direct management of parts sales for all Canadian customers. This restructuring will ensure those customers receive the parts they need as quickly as possible and with Mazak handling all freight, customs clearance and delivery tracking.

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July 2021

Why a Probe is the First Tool You Should Load in Your Machine’s Spindle

On-machine probing is particularly critical for Mazak customer Jasper Engines and Transmissions. The shop’s Mazak HCN 6800 Horizontal Machining Center processes families of engine cylinder heads, and the parts can look similar, but involve very different dimensions. For this reason, the first tool Jasper Engines and Transmissions runs is a probe that confirms a part is loaded, identifies it and conveys that information to the machine’s control, which in turn selects and runs the correct program for that particular part – virtually eliminating any risk of error.

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June 2021

Balance Performance and Value to Make the Most of Your Technology Investments

Manufacturing demands more than your best. It's a constant race to add capacity, tackle new challenges and outpace competitors. How do you balance performance and value in the machine tools you buy to ensure that you always receive the highest return on your investment?

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Faster Flexibility With the HCN-6800 NEO Horizontal Machining Center

How do you make a great machine even better? At Mazak, we finessed every aspect of the HCN-6800 to create the HCN-6800 NEO, with improvements that capitalize on its performance, precision, reliability and production value.

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Tomak Precision Offers Straight Talk About Thriving in Tough Times

Al "AJ" Schaper, General Manager of Tomak Precision, joins All Axes host Teelin Henderson for a frank discussion of how to survive and even thrive in difficult times

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Cybersecurity Offers Crucial Protection for Your Networked Shop

Industry 4.0 enables you to network your machine tools, collect and analyze performance data, and find every opportunity to fine-tune your productivity.

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DISCOVER 2021: Move Manufacturing Forward

DISCOVER 2021 is the largest private manufacturing event in North America, with live demonstrations, seminars, one-on-one opportunities to ask targeted questions and much more.

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DISCOVER 2021 Will Give Manufacturers First-Hand Look at Latest Technology

Mazak’s DISCOVER 2021 technology and education event is on schedule and ready to Move Manufacturing Forward. The in-person event takes place October 25-29 at the company’s Florence, Kentucky, manufacturing campus. As with previous DISCOVER events, this year’s promises all-new machines and technological firsts from Mazak.

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Mazak NEO: Making the Best Even Better

Much as the model names Porsche® 911® and Jeep® Grand Cherokee® are icons of the automotive world, so are Mazak’s HCN Series of Horizontal Machining Centers and its VARIAXIS Series of Vertical Machining Centers among manufacturers. All these iconic brand names share a reputation for performance, quality and reliability achieved through continuous improvement and redesign with the end user’s needs in mind.

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May 2021

What to Expect From a Truly Effective Personal Service and Support Portal

The goal of any online personal service and support portal is to enhance the customer experience and add value. Unfortunately, as many manufacturing equipment suppliers rush to jump on the me-too portal bandwagon, the results are often ill-equipped personal portals that, in the long run, fail to be truly useful.

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Mazak Showcases Technology for Lowest Cost Per Part Production at PMTS 2021

FLORENCE, Ky., May 7, 2021 – At this year’s Precision Machining Technology Show (PMTS) August 10-12 in Cleveland, Mazak will highlight some of its latest high-output, cost-effective and space-saving machine tool technology in Booth #3083. In particular, the company will spotlight its Kentucky-built Ez Series of machines and CNC – all touted as game changers for medium to high-volume small-part applications.

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April 2021

Cybersecurity and Data Access for Profitability Through Digitized Machine Tools

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) makes it possible for manufacturers to measure and analyze the performance of their machine tools so they can boost their productivity and profitability. As the supply-chain disruptions of the global pandemic demonstrated, the ability to work remotely, understand machine behavior and use these two aspects of digitization to maintain throughput offers huge advantages for decision making and business continuity. But these advantages require data connectivity, which in turn demands cybersecurity to protect against loss, corruption or espionage.

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March 2021

Business Health Check: 7 Questions To Ask Yourself

“When should my company make capital investments?” “What solution can I integrate that will make the biggest impact on my bottom line?” “How do I know when to go on the offense and when to hold back?” These are the tough business strategy questions that shop owners and leaders have to ask every day. And there are few better times to pause and take stock of how your business is doing than now, as the first quarter of 2021 draws to a close.

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Machining Madness Marks Monthlong Celebration of Mazak All-Star Lineup

Mazak puts you in the zone during March with weekly encores of the All-Stars of All Axes LIVE. If you missed an event or want to take another look at these MVPs of Mazak's starting lineup, score weekly replays and on-demand views of the play-by-play action, with new machines, technologies and opportunities that can help you dominate the competition.

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Best-in-Class Mazak Machines and Automation Shorten Time to Market for Roswell Marine

Recreational watercraft supplier Roswell Marine needs to stay ahead – of competitors, product cycles and product opportunities. From their design, engineering and distribution roots, they've grown into a full-fledged manufacturer, and Mazak technology helps them redefine efficiency. With HCN-Series machining centers and PALLETECH automation, Roswell can build metal and plastic parts from 1" square up to 30x that size.

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Expand Your Productivity With Advanced New 5-Axis Multi-Tasking

Designed for faster cycle times, bigger parts and more automation options, the next-generation VARIAXIS i-800 NEO Multi-Tasking Machine includes the all-new MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC with advanced software features for optimized operation. In conjunction with external CAM software such as Autodesk FUSION 360, this NEO offers you an amazing repertoire of programming capabilities.

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Shops Keep Gear Production In House With the INTEGREX i-630V AG and SMOOTH Gear Cutting

Shops that contract out occasional gear work lose valuable time and profitability – but you don't need a dedicated gear cutter when you can put the 5-axis INTEGREX i-630V AG HYBRID Multi-Tasking Machine to work. Mazak’s SMOOTH Gear Cutting software suite teams up with the MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC to make gear milling, hobbing and skiving a slam dunk instead of a guessing game on a machine that also tackles regular 5-axis work with speed and precision.

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Mazak Interactive Gives Customers an Inside View of Everything Mazak

You may not be planning in-person visits to Mazak's Kentucky campus or your local distributor right now, but Mazak Interactive gives you an easy-to-access trio of online experiences. All Axes LIVE continues to offer technology demonstrations, machine debuts and insights into competitive opportunities on demand. Our Virtual Technology Center creates an onscreen showroom, with specs and 3D views of machines. Our Virtual 360° Tour opens up our Kentucky campus with exclusive views of every aspect of our operations.

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Five-Axis Machining Lifts Shop’s Part Productivity and Quality

Coldwater, Mich.-based Sport Truck USA (Sport Truck), a division of Fox Factory Holding Corp., knows a thing or two about automotive suspensions. Since 1991, the shop’s been designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing high-quality aftermarket off-road suspension components, such as lift kits, for pickup trucks and 4x4s through its family of brands that includes BDS Suspension, Zone Offroad Products, JKS Manufacturing and 4×4 Posi-Lok. But as consumer demand grows for suspension lift kits for today’s newer, more sophisticated models, so too does the need for more complicated parts necessary for those kits.

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February 2021

Mazak Unveils Newly Enhanced VARIAXIS i-800 NEO 5-Axis Machine

Mazak's new VARIAXIS i-800 NEO Vertical Machining Center offers shops an enhanced version of a popular 5-axis machine, with a powerful CNC, faster machining cycle times, expanded workpiece capacities and more automation options. Mazak showcased the new machine during the company's recent All Axes LIVE event in February 2021.

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Mazak Introduces Next-Generation Horizontal Machining Center, HCN-6800 NEO

Mazak Corporation announced the release of the latest version of its popular HCN Series of horizontal machining centers, the HCN-6800 NEO. Introduced and demonstrated during the February 23 broadcast of All Axes LIVE, Mazak’s online event series, the new model features a fully redesigned enclosure, best-in-class standard and optional equipment and improvements throughout the machine, all of which result in a fast, optimal solution for an even wider range of part-production applications.

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Mazak INTEGREX i-630V AG Takes the Guesswork Out of Gear Cutting

During its recent All Axes LIVE virtual event in February, Mazak showed shops how they can add gear cutting to their part-processing repertoires and eliminate contracting out such work with the company’s INTEGREX i-630V AG HYBRID Multi-Tasking Machine.

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Mazak Spotlights New INTEGREX i-H Series at All Axes LIVE

At its February 23 broadcast of All Axes LIVE, an online event series, Mazak continued the roll-out of its new i-H Series of machines with a demonstration of the productivity-boosting INTEGREX i-200H ST Multi-Tasking Machine.

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Explore Mazak – Now Anytime, Anywhere

At this point, saying that the last year has been “challenging” is a cliché – and an understatement. No matter the industry, no matter the region, manufacturing hasn’t seen a disruption like this in generations. However, as has often been the case with our industry, we meet tough times head on with innovation and grit. Like you, Mazak has developed new ways to stay close to our customers, and now, we’re more accessible than ever before thanks to Mazak Interactive.

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January 2021

Mazak’s All Axes LIVE February Event to Feature Advanced Technologies for Today’s Manufacturing Challenges

FLORENCE, Ky., January 27, 2021 – Mazak Corporation has announced that its February All Axes LIVE virtual event will air live on February 23 at 11:00 AM ET. Streaming from its Florence, Kentucky, manufacturing campus and Midwest Technology Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, the event will center around advanced manufacturing solutions for supply chain disruptions, loss of experienced employees due to attrition and shortages of skilled labor that manufacturers are facing as the industry deals with a global pandemic.

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Making Manufacturing Ez: Four Ways Mazak Made the Ez Series Our Most Accessible Machines Ever

During the December All Axes LIVE event, Mazak premiered the new Ez Series – QT-Ez CNC Turning Centers, VC-Ez Vertical Machining Centers and MAZATROL SmoothEz CNCs. Attendees experienced just how capable and affordable these machines can be. Designed and manufactured in Florence, Kentucky, the Ez Series delivers Mazak quality, reliability and performance that can be easily integrated into any job shop. Ergonomic and optimized, these are the most affordable Mazaks yet.

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