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The increasing efficiency of production systems makes downtime more impactful than ever before. Any interruption to work flowing through the shop can have a significant impact on operations. Mazak's substantial and continuous investment in spare parts fulfillment ensures the fastest possible reaction to the unexpected to keep your facility running smoothly.

As your single-source provider, Mazak Canada makes ordering parts easier than ever. Our hassle-free system ensures you will receive the parts you need quickly and keeps your machine cutting parts. All with less paperwork.

  • Expert advice: Our French and English-speaking experts will provide you with expert advice and help you determine the parts you need.
  • Streamlined shipping: 97% of all parts are shipped same day, and to streamline shipping, Mazak Canada manages all the freight, customs clearances and delivery tracking for you.
  • Proactive parts installation: Once parts are delivered, we’ll contact you to schedule your immediate installation.
  • Rapid response: Our local service team is standing by for quick response – either in-person or remotely – to all your parts support needs and concerns.
  • Simplified billing: We provide one invoice in your choice of Canadian or U.S. funds for your parts and service transactions.

To fulfill your part needs, Mazak Canada draws from a $90-million parts and unit inventory that includes $65 million in parts inventory and $25 million in unit inventory (ATC shifters, tables, spindles and more). This enormous inventory of over 60,000 unique parts encompasses every aspect of our machines.

Beyond our massive inventory, we guarantee lifetime parts support on every Mazak machine. This means that our quick response to parts requests not only applies to machines purchased over the past several years, but also to those that have been providing reliable performance for several decades.

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