Digital Solutions for the 21st Century



Today’s digital solutions improve product quality, reduce manufacturing errors and even unlock entirely new process modalities and production paradigms. And as the technologies grow more mature – including the rapid introduction of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) – it has become clear these changes do not just constitute an optimization of existing practices. Across every industry, manufacturing is now well into the next Industrial Revolution, one that will be transformative for those shops that take advantage of the rise of digital technology on the factory floor.

In this new digital age, manufacturers navigate the merger of high technology and manufacturing, applying innovative digital solutions on the factory floor as more advanced materials and complex part features find their way into everyday products. These digital technologies not only address the current and future manufacturing challenges, but also many of the issues that existed prior to the digital age and that continue to create difficulties today. Those existing challenges include the skills gap, unexpected equipment downtime, the protection of intellectual properties and continued pressure to increase speed, precision and production.

Explore Mazak's comprehensive range of digital solutions – and learn how they can help you overcome the challenges of modern manufacturing – in our white paper, Digital Solutions for 21st Century Challenges.