Essential Mazak Training Anytime, Anywhere

Mazak’s MODL is a key component of MPower Complete Customer Care that allows you to tailor cloud-based, online machine-tool training to your shop’s specific needs and schedules.

With fully remote access to more than 100 on-demand courses, your team can train when it’s most convenient for them and your shop through online instruction and virtual experiences that provide all the detail and results of in-person learning.

Courses Include

  • Basic Electricity
  • Hydraulics
  • Bearing Fundamentals
  • Rolling Contact Bearings
  • Basic Laws of Electricity
  • MAZATROL Cutting Conditions for SMOOTH Controls
  • MATRIX Data I/O Save
  • SMOOTH Data I/O Save
  • Creating MAZATROL Programs
  • Program Storage
  • Maintenance Screens
  • Electrical Diagram Reading
  • Tool Data
  • Smooth PMC
  • 3D Assist
  • MAZATROL Control Navigation

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New Heights of Productivity

Essential machine-tool training tailored to your shop's specific needs and schedules.

Suitable for Different Learning Levels

Customized course offerings and subject matter meet customer requests. Mazak adapts content to suit different learning levels.

More Than 100 On-Demand Courses

As a key component of Mazak’s MPower customer support program, MODL provides more than 100 on-demand multi-level courses. Online instruction and virtual experiences provide all the detail, engagement and results of in-person learning.

Convenient Scheduling and Access

Schedule training to fit production timetables and employee schedules. Instead of off-site class sessions or shift-by-shift group instruction, your team can train when it's most convenient for them and for your shop, including fully remote access.


Learn to operate, program and maintain your Mazak machine tools so you obtain the full value of your equipment, from installation throughout its working life. Take a self-paced course through our MPower On-Demand Learning (MODL) system, schedule an in-person class at one of our Technology and Technical Centers, or sign up for a customized seminar in your shop.


Learn to gain the full productivity from your Mazak equipment. Train to achieve your competitive best and keep up with what's new in manufacturing.

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MPower On-Demand Learning (MODL)

Enhance operator training and access essential courses whenever and wherever you need them. Tailor instruction to what your shop needs to know.

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Course Catalog and Training Classes

Learn troubleshooting, advanced programming and basic to advanced machine operations with our virtual and onsite training classes.

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