Increase Your Competitive Advantage

A high-pressure coolant solution that boosts productivity and maximizes tool life, Mazak SUPERFLOW® enhances the performance of your machine by enabling improved chip control and reduced thermal shock for higher feeds and speeds.

SUPERFLOW Solutions for Machining Challenges

The metalcutting process involves extreme temperatures – even ordinary applications often generate cutting edge temperatures that can exceed 1,000° F. This level of heat can impact tool life and/or cause tool failure. Unfortunately, ordinary flood coolant often fails to reach the cutting zone, while traditional coolant can vaporize before it even gets close.

Mazak’s high-pressure SUPERFLOW system delivers coolant directly to the cutting edge, creating small chips and efficiently evacuating them from the cut. The reduced heat and greater thermal stability improves tools’ cutting action and enables faster surface speeds, allowing for increased productivity and minimized tooling costs, especially in challenging drilling applications where poorly controlled, stringy chips can scrap workpieces and cause unexpected tool failure.

Convenient Installation

Mazak SUPERFLOW can be added to any new machines, but the system was also designed for simple and easy installation on your existing Mazak equipment. The required SUPERFLOW high-pressure preparation package, standard on many new machines, can even be installed in the field to make it simple to integrate the system into your machine on site. A mist collector is also recommended for all installations, existing and new machines alike, to eliminate fog resulting from the high-pressure coolant system. SUPERFLOW systems with pressure that exceeds 1,000 psi require full enclosures.

Not sure where to get started? Your Mazak regional office can verify whether your existing machine is currently compatible with SUPERFLOW. For more information, contact us to discover how a high-pressure coolant system can help you reach new levels of productivity and efficiency.