Process: 5-Axis, HYBRID Multi-Tasking, Multi-Tasking


As a fusion of additive technology and the most advanced Multi-Tasking capabilities, the INTEGREX i-400AM (additive manufacturing) represents a highly innovative alternative to conventional processing in terms of part design and machining.

Perfect for small lot production of very difficult-to-cut materials, this HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine uses its additive capability to easily generate near-net-shape component features and then completes them via high-precision finish machining operations. If necessary, the machine will also laser mark parts.

The machine melts metal powder using fiber laser heat. Cladding heads, or additive manufacturing nozzles, apply the molten material layer by layer, each of which solidifies as the desired shape grows. Plus, the machine can join different types of metals together, which allows for the efficient repair of existing worn or damaged components such as aerospace turbine blades.

In terms of its Multi-Tasking capabilities, the INTEGREX i-400AM provides full 5-axis machining to process prismatic parts from solid billets or castings (chuck or bar fed), round parts, highly contoured parts and now those with features built using additive technology.


  • Efficient turnkey solution offers Done-In-One® part processing
  • Milling spindle provides a -30/+120-degree B-axis movement
  • Turning spindle offers full C-axis contouring
  • High-speed or high-accuracy cladding heads available
  • Standard automatic tool changer loads cladding heads into milling turret
  • Fully programmable NC tailstock

Machine Specifications

Specification Bed Length -
Capacity Maximum Swing 658 mm / 25.90 in
Maximum Machining Diameter 658 mm / 25.900 in
Maximum Machining Length 1519 mm / 59.800 in
Main Spindle Maximum Speed 3300 rpm
Motor Output (30 minute rating) 40 kw / 30.0 hp
Motor Output (40 ED Rating) 30 kw / 22 hp
Second Spindle Maximum Speed 4000 rpm
Motor Output (30 minute rating) 26 kw / 35.0 hp
Motor Output (40 ED Rating) 22 kw / 30 hp
Milling Spindle Motor Output (30 minute rating) 22 kw / 30.0 hp
Motor Output (40 ED Rating) 15 kw / 20 hp
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 615 mm / 24.20 in
Travel (X2 Axis) 730 mm / 28.70 in
Travel (Y Axis) 260 mm / 10.20 in
Travel (Z Axis) 1585 mm / 62.40 in
Travel (Z2 Axis) 1423 mm / 56.00 in
Travel (W Axis) 1574 mm / 62.00 in