Procede: Turning

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Perfect for industries requiring heavy metal removal, the MEGA TURN 600M turning center brings powerful performance and high productivity to large part processing. The machine is designed to provide the fastest spindle speeds and rapid traverse rates in its class.

As an M configuration, the machine has a rotary tool spindle that allows it to perform secondary machining operations such as milling and drilling. As a result, shops can process parts in a single machine cycle for an overall boost in productivity and workpiece accuracy.

The MEGA TURN 600M employs a high-torque integral spindle/motor and high-rigidity drum turret to easily tackle workpieces with maximum machining diameters of 23.62 inches and workpiece heights of 21.65 inches, depending on chuck specifications. The standard chuck size for this machine is 18", with 21" and 24" options available.


  • High-torque integral spindle/motor for heavy-duty machining
  • Rigid 12-position drum turret for rapid tool indexing
  • 10-hp rotary tool milling capabilities improve overall productivity
  • Accurate C-axis indexing
  • Optional automatic tool changer adds flexibility for all static tooling
  • Linear roller guides provide rigidity and positioning accuracy
  • Efficient chip disposal prevents heat from affecting the machine bed
  • Vertical design allows for easy workpiece loading/unloading 
  • Available in mirrored left/right configurations for easy workpiece transfer

Caractéristiques de la machine

Spécification Bed Longueur -
Capacité Balançoire maximum 700 mm / 27.56 in
Diamètre d'usinage maximum 600 mm / 23.620 in
Usinage Longueur maximale 550 mm / 21.650 in
Broche principale Chuck Taille 18 in
Vitesse de pointe 2200 rpm
Tourelle (Haute) Nombre d'outils 12
Nourrir axes Voyage (axe X) 345 mm / 13.50 in
Voyage (axe Z) 520 mm / 20.38 in