Unsurpassed performance, precision, reliability and production value for high-volume large heavy part operations.

The world-class HCN-6800 horizontal machining center combines advanced technology and outstanding value with high performance and high productivity for achieving maximum performance when working with virtually any type of material. The machine features spacious work envelope and pallet size as well as a fast rapid traverse speed and rigid, reliable spindles.

With three available integral motor spindle types – standard, high-speed and high-torque – the HCN-6800 allows users to match spindle performance to their specific machining requirements with the proper speeds and power. The machine provides fast, efficient and versatile machining of a wide variety of materials from steels to nonferrous metals.

The machine is also offered with a Hard Metal (HM) package specifically for heavy duty machining of tough-to-cut materials such as titanium and Inconel.


  • High-speed, high-accuracy positioning for reductions in non-cut times
  • Wide range of available spindle speeds and power options
  • Fast, vibration-free machine acceleration/deceleration
  • Ample axis travels
  • High stability, vibration-dampening machine construction
  • Variety of available tool magazine capacities
  • Standard two-pallet changer
  • Automation ready for Mazak's PALLETECH System

Caractéristiques de la machine

Spécification Values  
Capacité Pallet Size 630 mm / 24.800 in630 mm / 24.800 in
Pièce Hauteur maximale 1300 mm / 51.180 in1300 mm / 51.180 in
Broche Taper broche No.50 HSK A-100
Vitesse de pointe 10000 rpm 6000 rpm
Sortie moteur (30 Note minute) 37 kw / 50.0 hp37 kw / 50.0 hp
Magazine Nombre d'outils 43 43
Nourrir axes Voyage (axe X) 1050 mm / 41.34 in1050 mm / 41.34 in
Voyage (axe Y) 900 mm / 35.43 in900 mm / 35.43 in
Voyage (axe Z) 980 mm / 38.58 in980 mm / 38.58 in