Machine of the Month



Made in Kentucky, our small-footprint QUICK TURN UNIVERSAL (QTU) 200M Multi-Tasking turning center completely redefines the quality and productivity standards of value-based multi-tasking machines. 

While simple in its design, the machine has several innovative features and functions that bring unmatched efficiency, accuracy and value to parts production.

The QTU 200M is the perfect solution if you want a cost-effective way to machine relatively complex components up to 13.5” in diameter and 14.5” (300 bed) and 23.5” (500 bed) long from a wide range of materials in the shortest throughput times possible. 


  • Integral spindle/motor headstock provides high power and stability 
  • C-axis headstock design positions parts to within 0.0001° 
  • Variable-AC inverter powers headstock to eliminate backlash
  • Turret with live rotary spindle provides milling, drilling and tapping
  • Roller gear cam drive system on turret ensures fast, accurate indexing 
  • Programmable NC servo-driven tailstock reduces setup times and cycle times
  • Rigid, low center of gravity bed design ensures stable performance 
  • One-piece Z-axis way cover simplifies chip disposal 
  • SMART CNC provides optimized programming of complex geometries
  • Easily integrates with various forms of automation for even higher productivity

Caractéristiques de la machine

Spécification Bed Longueur - 300 mm / 12 in Bed Longueur - 500 mm / 20 in
Capacité Balançoire maximum 695 mm / 27.40 in695 mm / 27.40 in
Diamètre d'usinage maximum 343 mm / 13.500 in343 mm / 13.500 in
Capacité Bar de travail maximale 1.6 in1.6 in
Usinage Longueur maximale 300 mm / 14.500 in590 mm / 23.500 in
Broche principale Chuck Taille 152 mm / 6 in152 mm / 6 in
Vitesse de pointe 6000 rpm 6000 rpm
Sortie moteur (30 Note minute) 15 kw / 20.0 hp15 kw / 20.0 hp
Tourelle (Haute) Nombre d'outils 12 12
Nourrir axes Voyage (axe X) 215 mm / 8.50 in215 mm / 8.50 in
Voyage (axe Z) 400 mm / 15.75 in605 mm / 23.75 in